Click on the Forgot Password link in the eBrief login screen. Enter your registered email address and click continue. You will receive an email to the registered email address with the password reset link. Click the link and reset the password. You will now be able to login to your eBrief account with your new password.

You may cancel your account at any time in accordance with clause 14 of the Agreement by contacting or emailing us at admin@talaw.com

We are not required to maintain a copy of any content you have uploaded to the eBrief system, and we may delete such content and any other data owned by you without your consent upon cancellation of your account unless otherwise agreed.

Any attempt to gain access to, alter or disrupt any account, software, hardware (including, without limitation, the Service) or network relating to the Service without authorisation is not allowed.

eBrief is not compatible with versions of IE 11 or prior. It does work with Microsoft’s latest browser Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


You can upload as much as 200MB per document on the Free plan. PRO and enterprise users can upload up to 1GB per document.

Your free account on TA Law eBrief includes 10GB of space. However, we may decide to charge fees for some of our Services in the future.

If your eBrief account reaches a capacity of 10GB or more, you may be requested to upgrade your account and pay for extra storage space. If you are requested to upgrade your account and pay for extra storage, we will provide you with a price list at that time.

At this stage, we just accept PDF’s.

Yes, we OCR (optical character recognition) any documents that are not searchable.

Yes, you can share your matter with other members of your team.

The solicitor has given you upload permissions only, ask them to delete this share and add a new share which gives you full permission.

The OCR process will remove any internal hyperlinks. To resolve this please OCR the document first. You can do this with your own OCR package or upload the document into eBrief and when the OCR is completed, download it and apply the hyperlinks. You can then upload it again with the hyperlinks now on the OCR’s version.

Most likely reason is that you are using an old version of Internet Explorer. Either update your Internet Explorer version or use Chrome

Yes, just copy the matter to yourself by clicking on the Copy Matter icon on the Matters page and use your own email address to copy to.


  • All your documents are held securely on Amazon AWS, the servers are located in the UK so your data stays inside our sovereignty.
  • eBrief Ready relies on a number of third-party services including Amazon Web Services, Elastic Cloud, Elastic Email and others. All data written to or read from these services is encrypted in transit, and, where possible, encrypted at rest.
  • In line with industry best practice, user account passwords are encrypted and the unencrypted password is never persisted and therefore not accessible by any member of the eBrief Ready team.
  • The software libraries used by the eBrief Ready platform are routinely checked for vulnerabilities as part of the application development and deployment process. A deployment of the platform is not able to proceed until any identified vulnerabilities have been rectified.
  • All eBrief Ready team members (both full time and contractors) have signed confidentiality agreements, and their access to the data you provide is limited to that required for development or troubleshooting purposes only.
  • eBrief Ready has automated systems in place for error detection and reporting, as well as a robust system for the automated backup of critical user-provided data.

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