LawTech Talks podcast: Technology for barristers

On the second episode of LawTech Talks, produced by Lawyers Weekly in partnership with Immediation, eBrief Ready Founder Stephen Foley and the panel delve into all things technology for barristers: how best practice for those at the bar is evolving, what it will mean to be a tech-enabled barrister in the future, and why now is a great time to begin exploring new tech options for 2022.

Hosted by Jerome Doraisamy and joined by Immediation founder and managing director Laura Keily, a barrister practising in Melbourne, the panel unpack what best practice has looked like in the past for barristers – both in Australia and abroad – how it is changing and has “dramatically” accelerated given the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The trio also explore what online courts will look like in the future, adapting to new styles of advocacy, why those willing to try will benefit over others, given the user-friendly nature of new legal tech platforms, how accessible and affordable technology is becoming for barristers and why such developments are so exciting for those at the bar in a looming post-pandemic marketplace.


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