eBrief Ready Features

Here’s how we make things easy for busy legal professionals.


Share briefs digitally

Provide easy and quick access to your digital eBriefs with barristers, clients, expert witnesses and your entire team.

Unlimited sharing

Create groups so you and your colleagues can work together at the same time on a matter - without the need to share your eBriefs or bundles individually every time.

Private and secure sharing

Choose which parts of your brief or bundle to share or hide. The secure and encrypted platform ensures confidential and sensitive data is kept safe and within your jurisdiction.


Annotate documents

Capture all stakeholders’ input

Annotate documents directly, bundle and organise them automatically, and search for information instantly — on any device, in any location.

Real-time collaboration

Access, edit and collaborate with your team on all briefs and documents whether you’re in the office, at home or at the courthouse.

Annotate masterfully

Add documents which already have annotations, apply further meta data like tags and dates, and search and run reports across the files.

court books & bundling

Systemised preparation of documents

Expedite the process of creating court bundles with automatic compilation, indexing and numbering of court books.

Strict quality control

Cover all bases and eliminate the risk of errors and oversights during the preparation process of your court bundles.

Consistent, reliable formatting

Present your briefs and court documents in a professional and court-friendly manner. Eliminate distractions for court clerks and judges, enabling them to focus on your arguments.

search and organisation

Impeccable document organisation

Ensure that content in your files is crisp and searchable, complete with relevant bookmarks in briefs and appendices, and readily points the readers (such as the court clerks and judges) directly to the relevant evidence or issue.

Instant and easy search control

Give your users and readers the ability to quickly search through thousands of pages with instant scan-to-text (OCR) technology.

non-PDF multimedia files

Upload a huge array of file types

Users can upload non-PDF multimedia files, including video, audio, image, emails and Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) files, to the eBrief Ready platform.

Automatic PDF conversion

All files uploaded to the eBrief Ready platform are automatically converted into PDF format. The system then holds both versions of the file – its original, native format, as well as the PDF conversion.

Instant media previews

Users are able to watch video footage, listen to audio and view image files, without needing to download them first.

The easiest way for solicitors and
barristers to deliver briefs electronically​

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