Why should I be eBrief Ready?

Becoming eBrief Ready means that you are committed to:

It’s just good business sense.

Why should I be eBrief Ready?

Becoming eBrief Ready means that you are committed to:

It’s just good business sense.

What is the true cost of maintaining the status quo?

The method in which solicitors and barristers work together has not adapted with technological advancements.

In a profession built on rules and precedents, it is surprising that something as necessary and routine as sharing briefs has no industry standard to improve solicitor and barrister productivity.

The time and material costs of sharing briefs are profound. Consider for a moment the financial expense associated with:

Manual work

Solicitors, paralegals and legal assistants manually bundling, indexing and numbering court books.

Processing physical material

The material cost of paper combined with expenses relating to printing, scanning, binding, storage and, of course, disposal.


The disbursement costs such as couriers, DX and mail services; as well as waiting for briefs to be delivered.

Alarmingly, this is a ‘drop in the ocean’ when you consider the opportunity cost and lost productivity as a result of not using an industry-wide standard that streamlines delivery, indexing, discovery and searching.

As the world expects the legal profession to do ‘more with less’, standardising and digitising brief delivery is an easy, secure and fast way to do just that.

3 compelling reasons your practice should become eBrief Ready

Besides saving both time and money, a growing number of law firms, barristers and in-house counsel are demanding that briefs be delivered electronically.

There are countless reasons why. Here are the top three reasons to become eBrief Ready according to our current customers:


Immediately improve occupational safety and health as well as staff retention

Reduce HSE risks by eliminating lifting

As an employer, anything you can do to reduce safety risks is good for business. One of the legal profession’s largest risks in the health, safety, and environment area is lifting and moving large amounts of paper such as large boxes with binders. Being eBrief Ready eliminates this risk.

Improve morale and employee well-being with automation

Another business risk is the loss of productivity. Requiring legal assistants, paralegals, clerks and solicitors to print, copy and collate paper manually is time-consuming and tedious work. Scientific research proves that repetitive and laborious tasks can cause stress, anxiety and boredom.

Ensuring you are eBrief Ready will help your business automate repetitive tasks and, as a result, improve employee retention and morale while simultaneously reducing emotional health risks.


Demonstrate your commitment to being paper-lite

An easy win for the world

The movement for legal professionals to demonstrate they are paperless or paper-lite is only gaining momentum.

By becoming eBrief Ready, you are demonstrating to your clients, partners, referrers, staff and the general public that you are committed to reducing your impact on the environment.

Real environment-friendly results

As at early 2024, we have helped save:

10s of 1,000s of trees
Millions of sheets of paper
Each week saving hundreds of trees
Becoming eBrief Ready shows to the world that you are a good corporate citizen. As clients continue to ‘up the ante’ in terms of expecting more from service providers, becoming eBrief Ready is an easy win for you — and the environment.


Collaborate in an instant, secure and encrypted manner

A real solution to a real problem: productivity

Having solicitors, barristers, expert witnesses and clients collaborate using digital documents has always been difficult. Workflow issues mixed with security risks have made the adoption of this practice slow.

eBrief Ready is a purpose-built secure platform for Australian legal professionals. The technology ensures users have only one "source of truth" to manage.

Share and collaborate instantly — from anywhere

eBrief Ready allows its users to annotate directly on documents, bundle and organise documents automatically, and search for information instantly — on any device, in any location.

Used by over 65% of barristers throughout Australia. Courts are now looking to eBrief Ready for rapid sourcing of references during a trial.

British-based servers with security at the forefront

Lastly, eBrief Ready users can control who can access what, which gives them more than the modicum of security that they need in their practice.

Your eBriefs are all hosted on UK-based servers, boasting enterprise-grade security and encryption. It is infinitely more secure than email, which means you can relax that your documents will always be safe, confidential and secure.

Ultimately, being eBrief Ready means you are working as efficiently with others as possible. You can share and receive briefs from any device with an internet connection - all in a highly secure environment.

It's time to get eBrief Ready.

It’s incredibly simple to use — and sharing eBriefs with others is always free.

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