10 reasons for your Law Firm to become eBrief Ready

Legal teams use digital briefing to streamline their briefing practice, protect sensitive information and improve productivity and collaboration.

Here’s why solicitors and law firms are switching to eBrief Ready:


eBrief Ready delivers a centralised platform to manage all your briefs. No more scattered files or unwieldy PDFs; eBrief Ready simplifies the production and sharing of electronic briefs and lets everyone involved in the matter work effectively together to deliver the best possible result for the client.


Protect your client’s confidential information; share files with barristers and other parties involved in the matter via a platform with world-class security and multi-factor authentication. Don’t let your vulnerable files get lost or emailed into the wrong hands.


Invite barristers, expert witnesses and other parties to join your matter and use the platform’s powerful tools for free – improving everyone’s productivity. 


Enjoy real-time collaboration and instant document sharing. Keep your barrister in the loop as soon as key material comes to hand, allowing for better communication and representation for your client.


Effortlessly manage your legal files with eBrief Ready’s innovative drag and drop technology. Emails, videos, audio, documents, and spreadsheets are automatically converted to searchable PDFs. Say goodbye to outdated manual brief compilation and pdf bundling tools.


Leverage the powerful Google-like search engine to instantly scan across all documents (PDF, Excel, Word, Email, PowerPoint, etc) to find specific references or critical information in your matter with ease. 


Make digital annotations as you review documents, keeping them private or sharing with the team -  and easily turn these into chronologies and valuable court references.


Automate your document bundling process with one-click-bundling to create court-approved pdf bundles in seconds. Save your paralegals and legal assistants hours and hours of tedious work.


Integrate eBrief Ready into your law firm’s existing technology stack. We integrate with a variety of document and practice management software including iManage.


eBrief Ready has already been adopted by a significant number of organisations globally, including law firms, barristers chambers, government departments, and community legal centres.

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