Send others your briefs instantly and never clog an inbox with large attachments again.


Send others your briefs instantly and never clog an inbox with large attachments again.

Share briefs digitally

eBrief Ready enhances how multiple stakeholders work together to get the best possible outcome. Over the years, the method in which solicitors and barristers work together has not adapted with technological advancements. This platform closes that adaptation gap and provides easy and quick access for the entire team involved during the lifetime of a case – the solicitors compiling the brief and its associated materials, clients, expert witnesses and barristers.

With the reality of more technologically advanced alternatives in all areas of litigation, it’s no surprise that today’s courts are encouraging (and some may even be requiring) lawyers to include smart and intuitive features in their eBriefs (as well as their eBrief development systems and processes) to make them easier to use and refer to for everyone.

Share with a link

It is simple to share briefs/court books, documents or downloads with others. Users are able to instantly share a link without having to download the file to Dropbox or OneDrive first, and then send it on. 

Anyone you share the link with does not need to have an eBrief Ready account in order to download the file.

Unlimited sharing

Create groups so you and your colleagues can work together at the same time on a file – without the need to share your eBriefs or bundles individually every time. Have shared bundles and briefs at your fingertips, readily accessible and available anytime, anyplace and on any device.

We have set up the platform so that sharing eBriefs with others is always free. You are not restricted to share with only those who are eBrief Ready subscribers.

Private and secure sharing

Our software not only gives you the functionality to closely manage your highly valuable information, but the peace of mind in knowing that it is secure. All documents are held on Amazon AWS and hosted on Australian servers, boasting enterprise-grade security and encryption. It is infinitely more secure than email, which means all confidential and sensitive data is kept safe and within your jurisdiction.

When annotating, you have complete control over who you share your documents with, whether they be inside your organisation or not. Simply mark as private to make them unavailable to other group members. For added security, you may safely share passwords or provide one-time access for those highly confidential and protected documents and just share again, if and when necessary.

The easiest way for solicitors and
barristers to deliver briefs electronically​

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